Care Instructions For Your Ellie N Sophia Tutu/Tutu Dress

•Caring for your tutu/tutu dress upon their arrival•

Your tutu may need a little TLC from their long journey to reach you. Upon receiving them please take them out of their packaging promptly. Tutu dresses will need some fluffing. Comb them out with your fingers starting from the inside and work out then hang them up preferably with a padded clip garment hanger for storage.

•How do I clean my tutu/tutu dress?• 

Spot clean with soap and water, rinse, straighten and let dry. Do Not ever wash in the washing machine. If your entire tutu is dirty, hand wash gently in the sink or tub. Rinse well, finger-comb and hang to dry.

•My tutu is wrinkly, how do I get the wrinkles out?         •
If your tutu is wrinkly or losing its fluff, comb out the tulle with your fingers working from the inside out. If your tutu is extra wrinkly, hang in the bathroom and run a hot shower for 15-20 minutes to let the wrinkles steam out. 
If you own a clothes steamer you can use that as well. With your tutu dress in a hanger, hold above the steam and slowly move tutu back and forth. Just do not use steam directly on the tutu so you do not cause heat damage. 
You can also spray the tutu dress with a water bottle, hang, and let the weight of the water straighten it while it drips dries. 

•Static Cling•
Tutus are made of nylon, so static can be an issue. Try wiping each strip of tulle with a fabric softener sheet or spray with water and hang to dry. A solution of water and liquid fabric softener can also be sprayed on the tutu and worked through. 

•Frayed Ends•
                                             Occasionally your tutu dress may get caught on something or fray at the ends. Simply cut the frayed ends carefully with sharp scissors.

•How do I store my tutu?                                              •
After each use please fluff out your tutu by combing it from the inside out with your fingers and then hang. Preferably on a padded clip garment hanger in a dry clean plastic bag. This will maximize the life of your tutu.